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This comprehensive plan is for the owner that wishes to hand over all day-to-day tasks associated with the property leaving only a limited degree of involvement regarding major decisions and approving bids above a pre-determined dollar amount. During our free consultation, we make sure we are clear as to what degree of involvement you would like ot have and how we will handle all the details of the property. The end goal of course is to provide you the best service possible, handle issues that come up in a timely manner, keep your property filled with high quality, happy tenants and achieve any personal goals you have with the property. Below is a list of the services involved in our full management package:



We are on call 24/7 in the event of a flood, fire or any emergency. Owners & tenants can have the peace of mind knowing that we are prepared at any time day or night should the situation arise. A live operator will answer and handle the situation immediately without any delay. We will then notify you of the situation during normal hours and keep you updated so their will be no surprises.



We maintain a list of trusted vendors we’ve had a close working relationship with for many years. This means that we know their quality, reliability and get the best pricing possible for jobs that might cost more. They are licensed and insured and warranty their work making it easy to handle recurring problems. Upon signing of the management agreement, we determine an expense limit that will require us to notify you for your specific approval.



With a background in design and over 15 years experience in residential photography, we understand the importance of eye-catching, accurate and thorough photography of your property. From that we create attractive flyers and photo galleries for a complete online presence on our site, Craigslist, & Westside Rentals (we even post to a total of about 11 other sites for cross marketing). In addition, we’ve established contacts with HR departments at local corporations & relocation specialists as well.  



Our friendly & knowledgable leasing office is available from 8-6pm 7 days a week (and typically before & after office hours as well). We coordinate appointments if unit is occupied, handle showings and can hold open houses. Our goal is to provide top-notch customer service to any potential renter so your vacancy can get filled quickly.



Strict observance of the Fair Housing Laws is of utmost importance so you can not only avoid any potential lawsuits but have vacancies filled with qualified tenants. Our screening process involves a tri-bureau credit check, employment/income verification, housing and other references checked. Finally a formal interview is held w/ each qualified applicant to clarify house rules, procedures (rent, maintenance, etc) & lease terms to avoid any misunderstandings & ultimately find the most qualified tenant. 



With a number of payment options available to tenants, we will ensure that rents are paid on time or late fees enforced. We take care of the service of 3-day notices if rent has not been received by due date and eviction paperwork upon expiration of 3-day notice should the need arise. Any late fees collected are disbursed to the owner.



We enforce all policies, rules and regulations per the terms of the lease agreement. This includes illegal activities, general cleanliness, noise issues, unauthorized tenants, alterations without written consent, illegal parking & any other circumstance that may lead to damage to property, issues with the neighbors, city or HOA if part of complex.



Regular inspections of the property, both inside and outside, are done to verify the current condition and to maintain its value & safety for the duration. We will keep you aware of any issues that are in need of attention such as structural or safety and can also provide both cosmetic suggestions & improvements should this be in your budget.


Although we do everything possible to find the most qualified tenant for the property, unforeseen circumstances may require the need to evict a tenant. In that case, we work closely with several local attorneys to expedite the process. Typically the timeframe for an eviction can be 6-8 weeks & at a cost of $500 - $700 in fees (not including unpaid rent). Fortunately, in our experience the overwhelming majority of tenants will do everything possible to avoid even the initial filing of the eviction paperwork.



Upon tenant move-in or move-out of your property, we perform a thorough, documented inspection of the condition of the unit. Photos & video are taken as well as a detailed document to which the tenant acknowledges condition they receive or surrender property by signing. The level of detail at this phase is extremely important so as to avoid any confusion or disagreements when tenant vacates. 



Based on the above inspection, tenants are held liable for all damages to property that are considered above normal wear & tear. Items such as paint, blinds & carpet are typically charged on a pro-rated basis depending on the length of tenancy. Tenants are however required to leave the unit as clean as the condition in which they were provided the property. To avoid disputes, tenants are provided a general guideline of what charges could be assessed & how to prepare for move-out to ensure getting the most of their deposit back. Furthermore, vendors are hired and actual receipts provided to tenants so that they can clearly see work was indeed done.  



For buildings of 16 units & above, an onsite manager is required. We can hire or train your current manager to verify efficiency, customer service and all Fair Housing guidelines are being met. Often times an untrained & unsupervised manager can open the door to potential lawsuits and fines. We fortunately have access to experienced & already trained resident managers willing to come work for you.



Along with the monthly disbursement of your rent proceeds, a detailed expense report is provided to you showing income received, any expenses for that month & YTD information. We hold a nominal reserve amount for emergencies that is shown as your ending balance on the monthly statement (typically taken out one-time when the account is opened but may need to be replenished for overages).


Essentially a hybrid of our full management service above, our customized plans are structured to take the majority of the responsibility off your shoulders but allow you to still have an active role in some of the property duties. Pick & choose from the list of services above to make your own customized plan.

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